Specialist Vehicle Builds

Vehicles such as cherry pickers, racing car transporters, and show vehicles

Specialist Vehicle Examples

Features include: Insulation. air conditioning, hydraulically operated stages and canopies, mechanically operated awnings, spiral staircase,  generators, luxury seating and carpeted floors and walls.

Motorway Lighting Servicing Vehicle

This is a vehicle designed specially to allow Motorway maintenance crews to work safely, without the need to leave the vehicle at all while they are working.

They can move from the cab to the working area without having to step out onto the road. It even includes an indoor tea-making facility!

Race Car Transporter

This example shows a car transporter vehicle designed and built by Freightshield for transporting prestige vehicles to shows and other events.

The body of the vehicle is manipulated onto the ground to enable the car to be driven into the body before it is lifted back onto the truck.

Mobile Exhibition Display Vehicle

The DeWalt vehicle shown on the left and below is a display vehicle, operated and deployed by a single driver, taking only 20 minutes from parking to be fully deployed.

It carries a full range of DeWalt equipment securely housed inside the vehicle for use at trade fairs.

The vehicle is fully automatic, and several have been built for the European market.

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